/eyliyas/ Term used to indicate another name by which a person is known. Short for "alias dictus"; otherwise known as (a.k.a.). When used in connection with a description of a person, it indicates that he has used or been known by another name. John v. Tribune Co., 24 I11.2d 437, 181 N.E.2d 105, 107.
@ alias dictus
/eyliyas diktas/ "Otherwise called." (Shorter and more usual form, alias).
Known by both those names, and is called one or the other. People v. Mellon, 171 Misc. 171, 11 N.Y.S.2d 786, 790.
A fictitious name assumed by a person is colloquially termed an "alias". State v. Neal, 231 La. 1048, 93 So.2d 554, 556.
See also alias
@ alias execution
One issued after first has been returned without having accomplished its purpose. Richards-Conover Hardware Co. v. Sharp, 150 Kan. 506, 95 P.2d 360, 364.
A second writ of execution issued to enforce a judgment that was not fully satisfied by the sheriff acting under the first or original writ.
See also alias process
@ alias process
A second or further writ, summons, execution or subpoena, used when the first or earlier process has for any reason failed to accomplish its purpose
@ alias subpoena
/eyliyas sapiyna/ One issued after the first has been returned without having accomplished its purpose. Richards-Conover Hardware Co. v. Sharp, 150 Kan. 506, 95 P.2d 360, 364
@ alias summons
A summons issued when original has not produced its effect because defective in form or manner of service, and when issued, supersedes the first writ
@ alias tax warrant
One issued after the first has been returned without having accomplished its purpose. Richards-Conover Hardware Co. v. Sharp, 150 Kan. 506, 95 P.2d 360, 364
@ alias writ
A second or further writ. One issued in a case after another of the same substance has previously been issued; see e.g. alias summons. Ditmar v. Beckham, Tex.Civ.App., 77 S.W.2d 893, 894
A second writ issued in the same cause, where a former writ of the same kind has been issued without effect.
@ alias writ of execution
See alias execution

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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